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Categories are ways to group multiple pages by type, which makes it easier to find information. AmtWiki utilizes a multitude of categories to organize player pages, chapter pages, kingdom pages, Amtgard terms and things, as well as group people by title, knighthood, and much more. This page is here to help you learn how to add categories and what categories you should add to pages.

How To Add Categories

To add a page to a category, put this text anywhere on the page:

[[Category: Category Title Here]]

After saving your edits, the categories you added will be shown at the bottom of the page below all page text. Clicking the link to the category, you can then see all of the other things on AmtWiki that have been added to that category.

You can put a category in another category as well. On the page you wish to categorize, place the same wiki text that you would if the category was just a page. When you go to the main category, you can see that the category you just edited will be listed as a "subcategory". For example, the category for Garb has subcategories that further divide all of the garb pages by nation, sex, and type.

Category text is case-specific, except for the word "category" itself and the first word of the category. The space between "Category:" and the first word of the category is also optional. Because of this:

[[Category:Amtgard Things]] [[Category: Amtgard Things]] [[category:amtgard Things]] [[category: amtgard Things]]

would all place the page in the same category, but

[[Category: Amtgard things]]

would be incorrect.

Make sure that your text is linked to the correct category. For example, the proper category for a Man at Arms is the one titled "category:Man-At-Arms". All other variations will lead to an empty category or a category that is non-existent.

Linking to a Category

If you want to put an in-text link to a category, you do so by putting:

[[:category: Category Title]]

As before, the capitalization of the word "category:" doesn't matter. Like any link, you can change the visible text by adding a pipe link like so:

[[:category: Category Title|visible text]]

AmtWiki Categories

There are many standard categories that Amtwiki employs.

Player Categories

When creating or editing a player page, there are a variety of categories to add based on belt line, titles, company, household, handedness, and chapter or kingdom affliliation. Common categories to add to a player page are listed below.

Belted Status

If the player has been knighted, add the following categories to their page, changing the parts in quotations to the appropriate attributes:

[[Category:Knighted in "Year"]][[Category: "Belt Type" Knights]][[Category:Knights of Amtgard]][[Category: "Kingdom" Knights]]

If the knight has little or no information, add:

[[Category:Knights that need more information]]

If the player is not a knight, but is belted under one, add:

[[Category: "Squires/Man-At-Arms/Pages"]]

For all knights and underlings, use the standard, masculine title for the category.

Noble Status

If the player is has a noble title, add the following category, making the title pluralized and using the standard title name:

[[Category: "Lords/Barons/Dukes/etc"]]

For the sake of keeping all people in the same category, regardless of gender or chosen title alternative, the masculine title is defaulted.

If the player is belted under a noble, add:

[[Category: "Page/Man-At-Arms"]]

Masters and Paragons

If the player is has a Masterhood, add the following category:

[[Category: Master "Award Title"]]

If their Masterhood is under the Order of the Warrior, instead add:

[[Category: Warlord]]

If the player is a Paragon in a class, add (keeping the class name plural):

[[Category: Master "Pluralized Class Name"]]

Chapter Affiliation

Add the following category to reflect the player's current chapter:

[[Category: "Chapter Name" People]]

It is uncommon for people to claim more than one chapter.

Organization Affiliation

If the player is a member of a company or household, add the following category:

[[Category: Member of "Company/Household Name"]]

Unlike chapter affiliations, not all companies or households yet have a category for their members. If there is not one yet, you can create a new category. Some companies/households might already have a category that doesn't follow the above style, such as the Saracens.

Other Player Categories

If the player is left-handed, or fights predominately using their left hand, you can add them to the following category:

[[Category: Lefty]]

If the player is an active contributor to the AmtWiki, you can add:

[[Category: Contributors]]

Chapter Categories

Chapters should be listed by kingdom and state, and indicated whether they are active or innactive. Both defunct and active chapters are subject to regular updated by the admins, but new chapters should make sure that they add the correct categories to their chapter page. Make sure all chapters have the following:

[[Category: "Active/Defunct" "Kingdom" Chapters]][[Category: "Active/Defunct" "State" Chapters]][[Category: "Active/Defunct" Amtgard Chapters]][[Category: "Day of Meeting" Parks]][[Category: Founded in "Year"]][[Category: Contracted Chapters]]

If the park is innactive, the following category should be added:

[[Category: Defunct in "Year"]]

If the chapter was once a member of a kingdom/principality and then moved to another (or to freehold status), add:

[[Category: Former "Kingdom" Chapter]]

Organization Categories

Companies, Households, and other Amtgard organizations should add themselves to the appropriate category:

[[Category: "Company/Household/Dojo/Order"]]

Image Categories

Many people, companies, households, and parks have their own Amtgard heraldry.

For images of personal heraldry, add the following to the image description:

[[Category:Personal Heraldry]]

For images of company or household heraldry, add:

[[Category:Company Heraldry]]

For images of chapter heraldry, add:

[[Category:Park Heraldry]]