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Linking things together on AmtWiki is an important task. As a living library of Amtgard history and culture, links make it easier to find out the who, what, where, when, and how of Amtgard. This page gives instructions on how to properly link things on a page, from both internal and external locations.

Internal Linking

How to Link

To link to another AmtWiki page, you use double brackets on both sides of the text, like this:

[[Burning Lands]]

which will look like Burning Lands after you save your edit.

Make sure you are linking to the right page, since different links to "Dragon" could lead you to anything from monsters to awards to two-belted knights.

Changing the Link Text

If you want to link to a page, but display different text for the link, you can do so by adding a pipe divider "|" after the link name, and the alternate link you want to be seen on the page you are editing. For example:

[[JLee|That one Warlord]] and [[Brennon Viridian|That one Warlord]]

will both show up as That one Warlord, but both link to different pages.

Section Links

You can link to a certain section of a page underneath a specific header or subheader like so:

[[Target Page#Target Section|display text]]

For example, if you wanted to link to a certain section of AmtWiki's longest Amtgardian page:

[[Wanderer#Belted_Family|Wanderer's belted family]]

you could find out all about Wanderer's belted family.

Formatting Links

If you need to make a link bold or italicized, simply put the appropriate wikitext outside of the link, like so:

'''[[The Most Powerful Weapon]]'''

which will appear as The Most Powerful Weapon.

Linking to a category

If you want to add a link to a category page, putting [[Category:"Category Name"]] will add the current page to the category. To place a instead, add a colon (:) in front of the word "category". To link to the category containing links to all types of garb,


will place the link Category:Garb on the page.

Linking to other namespaces

Adding an external link to a file, template, project, or talk page works in the same way as a normal internal link. The title of the page is placed between brackets like so:


which will link to the template that is used on this page.

External Linking

How To Link

To add a link to something that is not a page on AmtWiki, you use single brackets on either side of the link, like this:


which will look like [1] after you save your edit.

Adding Link Text

If you want your link to be a word or set of words, put a space after the link itself, then put what you want the link to say, like this:

[ Sword Knight Boot Camp]

which will look like Sword Knight Boot Camp after you save your edit.


Redirects are used to move a user from one page to another. They are useful for common misspellings, unusual punctuation, or links to disambiguation pages. For example, Belted Line, Belted Family, and Beltline and redirect to Knightly family. When you click any of those links, you will be taken to the same page automatically.

To add a redirect link from Page A to Page B, add the following on the very first line of Page A:

#REDIRECT [[Page B]]

Once your edit it saved, both [[Page A]] and [[Page B]] will link to "Page B".