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How to Search

The search box is located on the lefthand side of the screen. It contains a bar, in which you can type your query. Below, there are two buttons, Go and Search. Each can help you find information in a different way.

Go Button

Pressing Go has the same function in the search box as hitting the "Enter" or "Return" key on your keyboard. It will do a search for the article with the exact title as your query. While this is the quickest and easiest way to search, it is also often inconvenient. For example, if you are looking for a player named Shadow, simply typing "Shadow" into the box and pressing Go will take you to a disambiguation page listing all of the people and places named Shadow (of which there are many).

Search Button

Pressing "Search' will take you to a results page of all relevant pages. You will first be shown all pages with your query in the title, then all pages with your query in the text body. This includes all Talk Pages, Templates, Categories, and other types of pages besides main articles.

Help Searching

If you are having difficulty finding something, first try using the Search button instead of the Go button, to give more results. If this still doesn't help you find what you are looking for, there are many reasons why this might be:

  • The query is spelled incorrectly. If you do not know how to spell what you are looking for, Google the term, and often it will recognize wha tyou are attempting to spell and give you the correct spelling. If the term is Amtgard-specific or a person or place's name, try spelling it differently, or try searching for a similar term, a related person, or a nearby location; there is a chance that similar articles will have links to what you are looking for.
  • The query goes by a different name. If you are looking for a person or chapter, their name might have been changed. Often, but not always, the original name will be included in the article. If it is not, try searching for a person in their beltline, or a nearby place, or the kingdom from which the person/chapter originates. If it is an Amtgard-specific term, it might be called something else on the wiki due to regional differences. In some places, the default pick-up battlegame is called "ditching", and in other areas it is called "trenching", and this might vary between even chapters in the same area.
  • The query does not yet exist on the wiki. If you cannot find the thing you are looking for after considering the above, we may not yet have an article on it. Take the opportunity to make it yourself! There is always more to add to the wiki, and wiki editing is easier than it looks. For help, read the article on Page Creation to learn how to make a new page about whatever Amtgard-relevant topic isn't already on the wiki.


If you aren't searching for anything in particular and just wish to look around, go ahead! Below are some good areas of AmtWiki to browse through:

  • People: There are so many people who have been a part of Amtgard, both past and present.
  • Chapters: While most chapters are in the United States and Canada, there have been chapters all over the world.
  • Rulebook: The current rulebook used by all Amtgard chapters (v8) is up-to-date in the wiki.
  • Amtgard Things: Amtgard has developed its own subculture, complete with slang, songs, tall tales of history, and terminology to describe our game.

Need help?

  • Feel free to ask questions on any one of the admin's talk pages. The person who is currently the Linden of the wiki is Black Bart, but feel free to ask any admins any questions you might have.