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Making a Template

Using Templates

AmtWiki Templates

Default Templates

When creating a new page, the author can select one of the following templates from the drop down provided at the top of the page. As noted with the WARNING, selecting a template will overwrite anything that may have been already typed. As such, the drop down Templates should only be used when creating a new page, not when editing an existing page.

Each Template is provided with a set of instructions (which should be removed once followed) followed by placeholder information, headers, and body text typically associated with each subject. Follow the instructions provided in each and customize each template to fit your needs.

  • Place Template - General Place entry complete with Heraldry, History, People listing, and General Information.
  • Player Template - General Player entry complete with biography, belted family, and accomplishments.
  • Monarchy Template - Record-keeping templated used to track each rein's monarchy for an associated park.
  • Household Entry Template - General Household entry complete with player roster and accomplishments.
  • Company Entry Template - General Company entry complete with player roster and accomplishments.

Link Buttons

AmtWiki has a variety of templates to provide automatic links to other sites affiliated with the current page. These are usually found at the bottom of pages, under "More Information".

ORK3 Buttons

To add you ORK3 link (an automatic template link is added to all new player template pages), you simply add the last numbers listed in the Http code at the top of you ORK3 page to the template where it has "0000". This will link your wiki page to your ORK account and generate a button link.

Example: {{ork_player|id2=75152}} will link to

  • Player link *{{ork_player|id2=0000}} - Orkicon2.gif
  • Chapter link *{{ork_chapter|index=0000}} - 75px-Orkicon.gif
  • Household link *{{ork_Household|index=0000}} - Orkhousehold.GIF
  • Company link *{{ork_Company|company_id=0000}} - Orkicon.jpg
  • Principality link {{Principality_ork|index=0000}} - Principality.jpg
  • Kingdom link {{Kingdom_ork|kingdom=0000}} - Kingdom.jpg

Other Buttons

To make your external link into one of the button links below, just add {{Template below}} to the end inside the square bracket.

Example = [ {{Facebook}}]

  • Park Forums {{Forums}} - Park Forums.jpg
  • Kingdom Forums {{Kingdom Forums}} - Kingdom Forums.jpg
  • Web Page {{Web Page}} - Webpage.jpg
  • Meetup {{Meetup}} - Meetup.png
  • Facebook {{Facebook}} - Facebook logo2.jpg
  • Facebook Group Page {{Facebook Groups Page}} - Facebook logo.jpg
  • Yahoo {{Yahoo}} - Yahoo.jpg
  • Google maps {{G Maps}} - Google maps.png
  • Amtgard Atlas {{Atlas}} - Amtgard Atlas.jpg
  • Electric Samurai {{ESAM}} - Samurai.jpg
  • Photo Gallery {{Gallery}} - Photo Gallery.jpg
  • My Space {{Myspace}} - Myspace.jpg

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