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The Hen House


Household Heraldry

The Hen House is a primarily female household focusing on the Arts and Sciences.

Hens are full fledged members of the household and may sponsor Cluckers during their initiation stage. After one year as a Clucker, the Mother Hens will decide if the Clucker becomes a full member as a Hen.

The Hen House stands for excellence in the Arts and Sciences as well as encouraging and supporting others in their endeavors.

  • Hens should be teachers as well as students and continuously strive to better themselves in the Arts and Sciences.
  • Hens should never tear anyone down, Hens should encourage and support others.
  • Minimum age requirement: 14 years

History of Group

After many months of being called the hens of the Golden Plains, Rainai Turnith developed the idea to claim the name as a new A&S household. After consulting heavily with Lady Opaldragon, they wrote up the beliefs and guidelines of the Hen House. They wanted the house to be known for excellence in the Arts and Sciences as well as for teaching what they knew to others. The Hens promote learning new things and teaching others.


Mother Hens
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