Hera Faldare

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Hera Faldare
Home Park Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Page

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Lady Page Hera Faldare, of the Shire of Thor's Refuge ~ Carmichael Park Amtgard, in the Kingdom of Westmarch

"An indicative quote”


Started in Thor’s Refuge in 2010. Then went to Mistyvale in 2015. This year I transfer back Shire of Thor's Refuge~ Carmichael Park.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Lord Silent Judge Walker in the Middle I am belt to.

Lady at Arms/Man at Arms'

My Man at Arms is

Alduran the Strange

Marius of MV

Bombastus Blitz



Eclipso Thalmann

Aurora McClintock

Rose Thorn Ironscale

Santiago Barbosa


Notable Accomplishments

Lady Winter 2021 Paragon Color Fall 2020

Offices Held

Regent October 22, 2016 - November 26, 2017
Regent 2018 spring reign Prime Minister 2021 Winter reign

More Information


Shire of Thor's Refuge Carmichael Park Amtgard created on September 26, 2013