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Sir Hercule, of Herculea

”Anything for a fan!”



Hercule is a world champion. He is the current dictator of Herculea when he is not the Baron of Mists of the Dawn. He is the first elected Baron of Mists of the Dawn. In the years since he has moved and helped form Ethereal Tides. Hercule is best remembered during the war with Majin Bolt, in which the following account was taken:

”Sir Bolt, do you remember me?”


”I'm the greatest!”

”Yeah, give me a beer.”

”Anything for a fan!”

Affiliated Groups

High Priest of the Chosen.

Sentry of the Arclight household in Mists Of The Dawn.

The Avengers

Belted Family

Sir Raphael-(Crown 1996), (Flame 1998), (Sword 2001), (Serpent 2015)

Notable Accomplishments

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