Hero's Pass

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Amtgard Chapter
Hero's Pass
The Celestial Kingdom
Status Shire
City Waco, Texas
Park Cameron Park
Meets on Saturday at 1 PM
Founded 2010
Active Active

A Shire of The Celestial Kingdom, located in Waco, Texas.


Heraldry for Kaembryge

An active Shire of the Celestial Kingdom.


Hero's Pass became an active part of the Celestial Kingdom when the members of Kaembryge changed its name. Additional history of Amtgard's Waco chapter can be found on the Kaembryge page.


Hero's Pass includes several members of Annihalus, Corsairs, Golden Lions, Church of the Apocalypse and Swords of the Brazos among others.

Current members:

  • Bridgette
  • Chi
  • Coheed
  • Dark Angel
  • Deathseaker
  • Devil Sweet Thang
  • Fonderbog
  • Garrick Kershaw
  • Goodwyn Clu Da'Bard
  • Irish
  • Kierra Lilyahna Darkblade
  • Kitchen Khaleesi
  • Lady Aramis
  • Lord Defender Stylez Selzones
  • LuckyWolf
  • Marcus Dermund
  • Nella 'Gekko' Darkblade
  • Nesta de'Ebonydaryth
  • Phallowdeer
  • Prizzard
  • Psy Verrukt
  • Wolftit

Contacts and Directions

  • (Due to current Shelter at Home Act park members meets on Hero's Pass Facebook page. The following information is standard to outside of current emergency conditions.)
  • We meet at 1:00 every Saturday at Lover's Leap in Cameron Park in Waco, TX.
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  • We also have fighter practice at 5:00 pm every Thursday at the Veteran's Memorial Park in Lacy Lakeview.
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