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Lord Squire Herrick the Mildly Perturbed, of Silver Moon, Blackspire

”Doing it wrong intentionally does not absolve you of having done it wrong.”

Herrick, the mildly perturbed
Home Park Silver Moon
Kingdom Blackspire
Year Started 2002
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire


Herrick began playing in 2002 at the now defunct holding of Dark Horizon. He currently resides at Silver Moon. He has held every office in Silver Moon overseeing much of its return to Barony and rise to second largest holding of Blackspire.

Affiliated Groups

Captain of Black company

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Herrick received his Lordship following resurrecting the entirety of Silver Moon's credits onto the ORK after the paper copies were unceremoniously burned by a hobo for warmth (this is not a joke, but feel free to laugh).

Herrick is credited with inventing a chainmail weave that expands to fit any wearer, comfortably fitting the same shirt to both himself and Big Panda; a man large enough to consume Herrick and demand seconds. He also wears a long-sleeve chainmail suit so tailored that it allows full articulation of joints without any gaps or gussets.

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