House End'Oh

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House End'Oh (!?)

”Strength in Beauty”
”We put the @$$ in class!”
"Sorry. Not sorry."
"Basic b*tches not wanted"
"Bye Felicia"


Peacocks are the symbols of the integrity and Beauty we can achieve if we show our true colors.


House End'Oh was founded by Sinew in April 2013. It accepts all members willing to abide by the motto "Strength in Beauty." In response to the household's growth, they have transitioned to having 4 Heads of Household.

Affiliated Groups

House Wyngarde


Members of House End'Oh!? reside mostly in the Celestial Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Wetlands.

Notable Accomplishments

We're new. Give us a moment. xP

More Pictures

First Set of House End'Oh belt favors
Endoh favors.jpg
A Peacocok mask!

More Information

  • Contact Sinew at for more information.

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