House Galanodel

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House Galanodel was founded by Lady Arya "Moms" Galanodel, based off of their mundane family. However, Galanodel has expanded to include others not directly blood related.


We're not flurbs, we're just crazy. Welcome to the nuthouse, where honesty reigns supreme and diplomacy is optional. Honor on the field is not, however. Any member caught sluffing or in posession of a bad attitude is subject to torture by cruel and inventive means. Nor is entertainment. We're out to have fun, force others to have fun, and cajole Amtgardians into trying an area they have not! And of course, there's the side motive of world domination.


Formed in 2002 with a core membership of mundane family, albeit a large initial number for a family, we have grown into a not-so-big and influential house, allied or at least on good terms with nearly every other company. Okay, well, we've either fed most of them or plied them with alcohol. We have some great fighters, some awesome role-players and many many "original thinkers". Annual carnivals, fundraisers, and fantastic quests are just a fraction of what we do. And world domination. We have already infiltrated several companies and households. Yours may be next.


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