House Nemoralis

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House Nemoralis was founded by Sir Wisp Nemoralis with the goal of being Amtgard's premier event production and service oriented household.

House Nemoralis has hosted Knoblander since it's inception by Wisp, and continue to do so. Additionally, House Nemoralis traditionally hosts Winter War in the Rising Winds.

Four in the belted line have gone on to receive Master Rose, three of those ascending to Knight of the Flame.

Sir Wisp Nemoralis Knighted November 2004, Master Smith

Sir Arilus Styx Knighted May 2006

TuSocks Nemoralis Master Rose June 2006

Sir SAMantha Nemoralis Knighted March 2007

Sir Konrad Nemoralis (Konrad of the Bull Clan). Master Rose November 2009

Sir Lorell Nemoralis Knighted April 2011, Master Lion

Shamus_Nemoralis Nemoralis, Master Rose 2012

House Nemoralis branched out to the west coast (Blackspire) with the move and subsequent knighting of SAMantha. House Nemoralis West was formed, with the same goals and aspirations of the main household.

In addition the newest branch to the House Nemoralis Household is located in Cedar Rapids Iowa in the Duchy of Olympus with Squire Thorpe

We have the most KICK ASS people in the game. Self-less, continually striving to better the game, and ourselves, in the process! And we can talk some good smack!