House Oleander

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A household formed at The Barony of Falling Fire in the summer of 2008.It is a service based household that is known for service to the Kingdom of Neverwinter and the Barony of Falling Fire.Baron Mordecai, his wife Krisema lead the House with Procopius, Codmaster and Brocktree Lannister being the other founders.


Since the summer of 2008 Oleander has been awarded several times an Order of the Flame for service to the Kingdom at Kingdom events. As the house has grown it has helped sponsor Amtgard events and demos at a local convention in the Tampa Bay area called Shadow Con.It has grown to be a major part of the convention. House Oleander has run the event there since 2011 with the help of fellow park members from Falling Fire.



House Lord - Mordecai
House Lady - Krisema


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