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House Snowflake

”Alone we may be fragile, together we are the storm.”


Biography of Group

House Snowflake was born in the summer of 2017, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Kingdom of Blackspire.

The founding members came together with the common goal to stop bullying and harassment in Amtgard, and to make it a safe place for all marginalized people. It is a house for victims of bullying and harassment, marginalized people, and allies.

Our heraldry is the rainbow and snowflake. Both a white snowflake on a rainbow background, or a rainbow snowflake on a white background. The rainbow was chosen to represent our pride to unite against bullies. The snowflake was chosen to embrace the fact that each of us is beautiful and unique, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Our founding members and Heads of Household are: Eries Evol the Painted, Heldris Blackbriar, and Barrick Shale

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