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”House of the White Rose”



When the Original Order of the White Rose faced dismemberment and disbanding, it was salvaged by Mudeb who took the name and repurposed it to a new household. When Mudeb quit Amtgard to join another LARP (Belegarth) he passed the title to Maramus. Maramus, unsure as what to do with the title, went park to park across the Kingdom of the Wetlands, Burning Lands, and eventually winding up in the Kingdom of Dragonspine looking for anyone in Amtgard who held membership in the Order of the White Rose. To his dismay, he found no person willing to claim membership to the Order. To signify this whithering, he created/renamed the Order of the White Rose to the House of the White Rose, and began the rebuilding of the group as a household in Amtgard. The Order is kept alive in name, and now serves as the name of the fighting company that now serves the House of the White Rose.

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The House of the White Rose has attended a number of events, focussing on serving Amtgard by helping the needy. Where the House of the White Rose goes, no one will go hungry, garbless, or weaponless unless it is by their own fault (AKA they turned down help). They currently focus on events in The Kingdom of the Rising Winds (Specifically Gathering of Shadows). Poverty as of late has struck most of the current members, but even so, the House of the White Rose forges onward trying to help the needy of Amtgard, and serve as an example to the rest.

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