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Syr Jarl Hrafn "Fuzzy" Yensidoma

”Choose the Right!”

Syr Hrafn
Amtgard SCA
Celestial Kingdom
Noble Title
Belted Status
Knight of the Flame

Hrafn (Pronounced Ra-fyn) often goes by his nickname "Fuzzy".


Hrafn began playing Amtgard in 1994. He started playing in the Celestial Kingdom, and was one of the prominent founders of the Wetlands just a few years later. He is very craft and service oriented, having taught classes and cratted/Autocratted several Kingdom/Interkingdom events.

In his first 6 years, Hrafn had become a Captain of a fighting company, Autocratted six different Kingdom and Interkingdom events; as well as served multiple times in each Provincial and Kingdom office. For his service and dedication, he was awarded his Master Rose in March of 2000.

In 2001, he moved down to the Kingdom of Neverwinter where he joined Bloodstone and Darkwater (Florida) for a time. From 2003 to 2016 he took a hiatus where he focused more on the SCA. Coming back, he very quickly started serving again, taking office at NodRama, Ravenshurst, and Mythic Forge, as well as serving as a crat at several events, his health permitting.

In 2022, he moved to the Celestial Kingdom.

Affiliated Groups

Phoenix Guard
House Goldmoon

Belted Family

Hrafn was Squire to Sir Fnord Farthing, who in turn was formerly squired to Sir Michael Hammer of God.

Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown)(Sword)(Flame)(Serpent)

Notable Accomplishments

Notable Service

  • Autocrat of Wetlands legate event 1994
  • Autocrat of Wetlands legate event 1995
  • Autocrat of Wetlands Coronation Reign I 1996
  • Autocrat of Spring War III 1996 (over 300 people in attendance)
  • Autocrat of A&S event at Texas A&M 1997 (over 150 people in attendance)
  • Autocrat of the Knowne World Heraldic Symposium 2000

Classes Taught

  • Heraldry
  • Heraldic Bestiary
  • How to Blazon
  • Calligraphy
  • Scroll Making
  • Historical Battle Strategies
  • The History of Chess
  • The History of Backgammon
  • History of Awards
  • Kumihimo Braiding