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Intesif, The Savage, of Dark Shores, Iron Mountains

"If you think that's funny... Wait till I'm drunk!"

"I'm like your favorite cat, bringing you home those little presents you love so much. Except I don't bring you those little presents, but your untimely death."”

"The Dark side does not have cookies, we have fancy little shiny gadgets, that light up and go beep beep boo-beep, and then your enemies die."

"If you look behind you, I'll be standing there naked, smiling, and pointing at you."



Brought into the game by Fox Mulder, Intesif is a promising fighter, and as should be obvious, a savage.

A Little History Lesson...SON!

His clan disowned him, his elders threw him out of his village. Because they thought he was possessed by a savage Demon, so he wandered aimlessly throughout the land looking for any one who if could not tame his twisted savage soul, then could at least put up with him. He did this for 10 years before finding those he was looking for in Dark Shores. Where he now lives, trains, and fights along side his newly found brethren.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Been hit in the nuts more times than ever wanted to be, Akuma has almost accomplished making him puke by pole arm to the nuts.

Additional images

Gabriel teaches Intesif how to die. IG.jpg