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Inukai, of Kestrel Keep a Freehold.

Now this time, Raiders with shields, when someone is behind you, relying on your protection, and an arrow is fired at them, don't jump out of the way.-Inukai


Inukai, itching to go back and fight, pauses to get his picture taken. Can't you just see the bloodlust in those eyes?


Joined Kestrel Keep on March 01, 2009.

He has shown an aptitude for weaving chainmaile, among various other fields he shows extreme talent in. The creator of the "Kestrel Keep Castle Battle," he is well liked by most everyone he meets. Generally quiet and laid back, those who know him are well aware of the keen intellect and constant planning behind those eyes.

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Inukai was born to Rachael and Faron Togoro in the Lupine town of Saringa. Lupine are a carefully hidden race of humanoids who share a body with a wolven spirit as well. Because of this communion with wolven races, they had been deemed "demonic" and "children of the devil". Lupine can very easily learn the language of the wolves and other animals. Lupine are a race of specialists, meaning that any one Lupine has a mastery, or near mastery, of any one job and any one weapon style. Inukai, being trained by Lupine, was taught this way as well. From 12-18 he was taught the Florentine style of swordplay. When somebody a Lupine is close to is in danger, then that Lupine goes into what is known as Bloodrage. The Lupine's abilities skyrocket, but at the loss of both common sense and self-concern. Inukai was able to witness one of these Bloodrages from a safe distance when he was 17 and became enamored by it. Thus he began to train as a Barbarian. Later that year he met another human girl by the name of Larka Hiwatari. They hit it off from the start and after a year, fell in love. They were wed at the age of 22. When Larka and Inukai were 27, Larka had been deemed pregnant by the village healer. She gave birth to a very healthy human girl by the name of Cassidy. 2 years later, humans from a neighboring town had learned of Saringa's primary race and attacked. The Lupine town was crushed and everybody who was Lupine, or who was thought to be Lupine, was killed on the spot. The humans that were attacked were taken as prisoner. Against Larka's wishes Inukai hid her and Cassidy while he joined the battle. It was to be their last time seeing each other. After the battle was lost Inukai was sold into slavery and taken westward. As a slave he was whipped and beaten whenever he didn't do everything correctly. He was moved from one bad owner to the next and after 4 years an abolitionist radical group had burned down his master's house and released all of the slaves. Inukai wandered the lands for another year before taking up residence in Kestrel Keep. He has sworn to himself that he will not rest peacefully until he is reunited with his family. Inukai has no problem mentioning that he was raised by Lupine, and everybody in the Keep probably knows his background (except for newcomers of course).

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House Maverick

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Inukai is Page to Sir Bjorn um Vindold

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Inukai (Right) at Neverwinter Coronation X, feasting with Fenrir (Left) and Billy Bones (Middle).


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