Ire of Artesia

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Ire of Artesia, of the Frost Lands, Kingdom of the Polaris.

"Hey look! I don't know her name, but it's that hot elf chick!" - said by pretty much every amtgarder that doesn't know me or my name :P



Ire was first introduced to Amtgard around 2004 in which she proceeded to come every so often (due to school and being so young). Despite having been to Amtgard on only a few occasions, she officially "joined" during the summer of 2008. Her home park is the Frostlands, WI in which her first sixth level class was Scout. Ire has toyed with other classes but can not shake her love of archery! Because of this, Archer has become her main class. Ire's main weapon choice is the bow and arrow, of course, in which you rarely see her without. Not only does she greatly enjoy fighting but enjoys being a flurb as well. Therefore she wears her elf ears at almost every event. Inactive since 2010.



Affiliated Groups



House Strongbow

Notable Accomplishments


Guildmaster of Scouts Frost Lands, June 2008-May 2010

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