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The Iron Spire



Originally a rebellion, the Iron Spire is a household that strives to be the workhorse of the Ivory Tower in Lincoln, NE. The on-going goal of a member of the Spire is to train yourself, teach others, and never stop. Being a household with a local focus, we are committed to keeping the Ivory Tower active and fun. Member participation in larger events is highly encouraged, however not necessarily required.

All aspects of Amtgard are highly promoted and encouraged in and by the Iron Spire, ranging from regular sword play to complex quests to full song and dance routines. Arts and sciences are crucial to the survival of any Amtgard park, and not just fighting. We strive to do it all.

Affiliated Groups

The group has a strong affiliation with the Barony of the Ivory Tower

Members of the Iron Spire

Notable Accomplishments

  • The Rise of the Rebellion - October 2010
  • Q's Execution/The Rise of the Revenant - December 2010
  • The End of the Revenant and the Rebellion - March 2011
  • Order of the Flame, given by Baron Matosai, April 24, 2011

Additional Images

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  • Seguile, Lord Q, and Schpittz of the Iron Spire. (Lovely beards, gentlemen.)

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