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Ismael "Bulldog" Stumpbreaker Esq. Defender of Neverwinter, of Iron Springs, Winter's Edge

”Avaunt, you poxy blackguard!”


Ismael began playing at Dragonskeep in 2002 for a period of 8 months before joining the Navy. He returned to the game in '10 in Forsaken Hollow and later moved to Ravensmoor. He now plays in Iron Springs.

Ismael became the Neverwinter Kingdom Champion at the 2014 NW summer coronation. At the 2015 Winter coronation he was awarded the Title of Defender but shortly thereafter was sentenced to death by Ogre for embezzling gold from the Neverwinter Army. He noticed physical changes after being resurrected from his execution, most notably he now struggles with impotence. He should never be trusted around gold or silver(or goats).

Ismael often fights two stick with 6 ounce flomnis(flat omnis). He epitomizes the worst "faerie wand" stereotypes about Amtgarders but also crossgames dag with respectably weighted "bats."

He is one of the founding members of House Ludus, a flurb house devoted to playful tomfoolery and buffoonery.

Ismael is a noted amateur whistler.

Affiliated Groups

The Seraphim fighting company
Seraphim Heraldry.jpg