Jax Arkain

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Count Baronet Lord Master Jax Arkain

Home Park Gryphon's Perch
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2000
Noble Title Count
Belt Status Squire



Jax started Amtgard May 15, 2000. Introduced to the game at the local park Barony of Blackrock Hills in Nitro, WV. At that time the group was a subgroup of the Kingdom of Goldenvale. In 2002 Jax took on the mantle of Prime Minister. Late 2004 Blackrock Hills had dwindled to no membership and became defunct. Early Spring of 2005 Jax worked with the local players to bring Blackrock Hills back and return to Barony status. Winter 2006 Blackrock Hills finally crumbled for the last time. Spring 2007 Jax, Sir Wolfen, Payne the Noble and Argus formed a new group called Green Water Valley in Charleston WV. Fall 2009 Jax took mantle of Sherrif and pushed Green Water Valley to be the groups First Baron under the Principality of Winter's Edge, Kingdom of Neverwinter. Jax would serve as Baron for 1 year before he would step in as Prime Minister. In 2012 Jax moved to Columbus Ohio and joined the Barony of Blackfire Pass, Kingdom of Rising Winds. He would remain in this area unitl Feb 2013 when he moved back to WV. Spring of 2014 Milk, Argus, Sir Tosc, and Jax held a meeting to bring Amtgard back to the Charleston WV Area.. The group Mountain of the Sixth Dawn would be formed April 4 2014. This group would go under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. In Jan 2015 Jax stepped in as the Kingdom Prime Minister of Crystal Groves until that summer when he moved to Maryland. Fall of 2015 Jax would be asked to hold the Office of Guild Master of Reeves for the Duchy of Rising Sun Station. Spring 2016 Jax become the Chairman of the Corpora Committee of Crystal Groves. Spring 2018 Jax moved to Indiana again joining the ranks of The Kingdom of the Rising Winds. This time with the park of Gryphon's Perch. Jax was recently asked to hold the office of Guildmaster of Reeves.

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Belted Family

Knight of the Crown Pharoah Darkchylde
Squire Count Baronet Lord Master Jax Arkain

Jax's Underbelts

Woman at Arms Thoretta Crystal Groves FoF 2015
Woman at Arms Dahnara Bitter Coast FoF 2017
Woman at Arms Elle Rising Sun Station Kingdom Summer Mid-regin 2017
Page Sinttrix Crystal Groves FoD 2015
Page Rue Bandit Flats East FoF 2017
Page Scarlet Wolf Crystal Groves Fall Crown Quals 2017