Jin Moonskar

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Warlord Squire Jin Moonskar, of Burning Lands


”Welcome to the DAAAARKSIDE!”


Jin Moonskar began playing Amtgard in, and is originally from, the Kingdom of Dragonspine in November '04. He would then move to Springfield,Missouri in 2005 which, at the time was the Shire of the Knoblands, technically under the Kingdom of Rising Winds. Missouri would later become the Kingdom of Tal Dagore. Moving back to his homelands in March 2013, he would continue his Amtgard career in the Burning Lands, fighting and finally earning his title of Warlord in 2015. Among his numerous awards and titles, he is also the first champion and Defender of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

Affiliated Groups

Esydra Captain
New Mexico Murderers
House SI (Sol Invictus auxiliary)
House of Heaven
Chieftain of House Wolf Riders
House GQ
.....And numerous others.

Belted Family

Jin is Squire to Sir Firespitter of the Burning Lands Company: Esydra

Notable Accomplishments

Warlord granted, May 2015 in Burning Lands
First Champion of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore
First Defender of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore
Title of Lord in 2014


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Wyldecatt's Knighting guard