John Darkcloud

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Lord Captain John Darkcloud the Righteous, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale



Darkcloud was long one of the steady forces in Caradoc, especially in the park's early days. Mostly inactive due to real life reasons, he fields occasionally and finds time for the odd event. He is the original instigator of the highly successful and popular Thursday night battlegames, which have turned into Caradoc's unofficial main field due to the large turn-out every week.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Title of Lord, granted by King Sir Goliath, August 2007

Belted Family

Darkcloud has one inactive page, Ember

Positions Held

  • Sheriff of Caradoc Hold, October 2005 - April 2006
  • Captain of the Guard, November 2006 - May 2007
  • Guildmaster of Archers, Caradoc Hold, May 2007 - October 2007
  • Guildmaster of Armorers, Caradoc Hold, October 2007 - June 2008

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