Kaesha Nikovana

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Dame Kaesha Nikovana, of Gryphon's Perch, Rising Winds.

Halloween2007couple.jpg Shown here with husband Sir Gregor Mondane


Kaesha began playing Amtgard in November 1998. She showed great aptitude for the Arts and Sciences right from the start, showing up in garb on her first day. Since then, she has earned the title of Dragonmaster multiple times and earned her Master Dragon. More than once referred to as the 'Orphan Squire,' Kaesha continues to excel at garbing, and is branching out into the realm of leatherworking.

Belted Family

Kaesha was squired to Sirrah ElSpeth of Dragonspine, Sir Rigel Orionis, and finally Sir Brock Argenta.

Notable Accomplishments

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