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Duke Radiant Kaio Fel'Malik of the Valley by the Coast of the Rising Winds.

"What Wyldecatt was actually saying Angiel was..."
"It's K ... O - That's it .. K O"



Began playing back in the Fall of 03'. Was convinced by his close friends at the time that it would be a good idea, he mocked them. But came out anyway. After a horrifically long absence from Amtgard stretching from 09-12 with only going to major kingdom events and the random park days all over the Midwest he has now begun the process of starting a park in his current city in Michigan.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Squired to Wyldecatt of Tal Dagore

Adopted Squire to Sir Wat of the Rising Winds

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame and Knight of the Crown simultaneously at Keep on the Borderlands, 2019
  • Awarded his Master Crown at Keep on the Borderlands, 2019
  • Creek Wrastlin' Champion, Keep on the Borderlands 2019
  • Awarded his Master Rose at Bridge Wars 2018 in the Rising Winds
  • Forged Malak Feng MK-2 for the Purification Ritual, September 24, 2005
  • Duke - Given by Yorick of the Rising Winds, November 2018
  • Lord - Given by Sheriff Shinsei of the Forsaken Lakes, April 2006
  • Broken Nose - Given by Tanath on March 1st, '08. "Sorry!"