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Khakana Sivaro
Home Park Twilight Peak
Kingdom Nine Blades
Year Started 2010
Noble Title None
Belt Status Man-at-Arms

Dragoon Icho Khakana Sivaro, of Twilight Peak, Nine Blades

”I mean, just because you're in charge doesn't mean your idea isn't stupid”


Khakana Sivaro started playing Amtgard in Twilight Peak, on the 16th of May, 2010. He played for a total of 25 field days, before taking a hiatus. He returned on the 18th of July, 2015, by attending an event in White Stone Valley. He took yet another Hiatus, before returning to Lichwood Grove, and then moving to Twilight Peak where he resides Currently.

Twilight Peak 2010.

Khakana, when he originally played in Twilight Peak, was known on the ORK as "Nightclaw," which he acknowledges as the cringe, edge lord name it is. Most recognizable by the aluminum chainmail, simple tabard, and fur belt, Khakana primarily played Warrior, choosing to tank as often as he could. Never a particularly good fighter, he didn't become overtly serious about learning to fight and get good at the game until he met Paragon Assassin Ehonnie at a Twilight Peak camping event. Vowing to make Assassin his first level 6 class, Khakana continued to play until real life difficulties got in the way and he silently faded into obscurity.

Whitestone Valley

The Whitestone Valley chapter of Khakana's history was a very short one. Wanting to return to the game Khakana discovered that White Stone Valley in Guelph was hosting an event, and he intended to go. Lacking his own form of transportation, and there being no direct form of public transportation, Khakana resigned himself to biking from Cambridge Ontario, to Guelph, across I24.

This did not go well.

Khakana managed to make it to the Petro Canada between the two cities, before a mundane, taking pity on him, offered to drive him and his bike to the event, which Khakana happily accepted. With the Directions ready, Khakana lead the man to his destination. The wrong park...

Khakana, lacking a cellphone with any kind of Dataplan, then started to bike around the city, using functionally any connection he had to the internet to make it to the event. After 4 hours of biking with all his gear on the hottest day of the year, with no money and no water, Khakana finally made it to the Whitestone Valley event, right in time to have all his equipment deemed illegal due to a difference in standards between V7 and V8 Amtgard.

However, the lovely people of Whitestone Valley took pity on Khakana, and allowed him to participate and enjoy feast without having him pay Troll, feeling the agony he went through just to join them all was payment enough. He would go on to steal 3rd place in their Bardic, with an entirely impromptu performance of Hallelujah, and Ordinary Day, to which he awkwardly asked the audience while on stage about to perform if anyone had a guitar he could borrow. Thankfully, someone had a Guitar he could borrow. Attending the after party, he bid farewell and once again faded into obscurity.

”Oh my Gods! You're the Bard from the Forest!” - Page Whipsy, Proprietor of Whipsy's Wonders.

Full Return to Game

After several more years, Khakana returned to Amtgard. Due to the Pandemic, it was largely online and many people had no idea who he was. That didn't stop a handful of players from remembering them. Admiral Anne Cash, Wunjo, and Icho from Twilight Peak largely remembered him for being an obnoxious teenager who lacked any knowledge of how to shut the @%$# up, and Whipsy from Lichwood Grove referred to him as "The Bard from the Forest" who held some significance to her, but had remained faceless since.

Attending his first Battle of the Dens in 2021, he came second place overall in their tournament(less than 25 players attended the event, even less participated in tournament), and made an impression during their Bardic. Succeeded in winning the Gold Dragonscale Sash/Belt in the quest for deciphering the code to fix the players who were cursed, and managed to be a general nuisance to the enemy team during CTF.

The Pandemic made getting out and about for play difficult, but he eventually transferred to Twilight Peak again, to help rebuild the park after a series of unfortunate events piled on top of the Pandemic reduced it's player base dramatically. He has since become the Chancellor of the Park, and one of the three Main Twilight Peak Players who have taken it upon themselves to rebuild the park.

Being stubborn, he held fast to his vow, making Assassin his first level 6 Class on 18/02/2022.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

- Faewellyn, Crown/Flame/Serpent
- Icho, Squire
- Khakana Sivaro, Dragoon
- Id, Page

Notable Accomplishments

  • Chancellor of Twilight Peak, 2022
  • Royal Recruiter of the Nine Blades, Under Sir Godwyn Lanksalot's Reign 2022
  • Kingdom Guild Master of Archers, Under Sir Godwyn Lanksalot's Reign 2022
  • Kingdom Guild Master of Smiths, Under Sir Godwyn Lanksalot's Reign, 2022

More Information

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