Kieran the Lucky

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Lord Kieran the Lucky is a player from the Shire of Flooded Mountains, in the Kingdom of Northern Lights.


”On your end step, I take my entire turn, then untap, upkeep, draw, and pass”


Kieran's character is a Shapeshifter from Vesuva.


Kieran the Lucky is a cross-gamer who began playing Amtgard in early 2016. His other interests include Magic: The Gathering, NERF gun modding, SCA heavy-combat, Photoshopping, and game design. Kieran was awarded his Lord title September of 2021 for outstanding service to the game.

Kieran says that before COVID: his favorite aspect of Amtgard was traveling to a different land each week. He took pride in the wide variety of parks on his ORK attendance record.

Affiliated Groups

FM Flag.png
Flooded Mountains flag.

Notable Accomplishments

In Amtgard
Outside of Amtgard
  • Co-founder of the PaNNC (Pacific Northwest Nerf Club), which organizes massive nerf gun battles in WA and OR. Notably: Kieran is responsible for the PaNNC adopting a policy wherein Amtgard boffers and shields are usable at PaNNC nerf-gun-fight events.

Positions Served

  • Served a term as Monarch of Flooded Mountains in 2022.
  • Served a term as Regent of Flooded Mountains during COVID lockdowns, wherein he was the most active land-level Regent in the Kingdom of NL (organizing many online group-gaming events).



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