Kiki Ling Risu

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Squire Kiki Ling Risu, of Mystic Seas within the Kingdom of Blackspire

Kiki Ling Risu
Kiwi 2.png
Chapter Mystic Seas
Kingdom Black Spire
Started 2009
Noble Title None
Contact Information

”I'm Cute”

kiwi.png kirin.jpg

Kiki dressed up as a Unicorn (Kirin) for a convention demo


Kiki joined Amtgard on May 17th, 2009 after having come out to watch for a while with her friends. By December she decided to try her hand at fighting and started playing Warrior. She soon found that she enjoyed fighting with a polearm. Although she enjoys playing and paging, her real passion lies in the arts and sciences. Due to her talents in sewing and commitment to serving her land, Sir Sularus offered her a woman-at-arms belt in early 2010.

Kiki has just recently decided to try her hand at competing in A&S competitions. In June of 2011 she won best showing in Arts (Best in Dragon) at the Northern Lights Summer dragon master.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Girlfriend Awesomepwnfayce to Brotaku Vengeant

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