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Kilermekov, of Madoc's Keep of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”You haven't voted on my membership yet. Oh? Ok, who wants to keep eating like this at events?”

Everyone raises hands:

"Looks like you're in."


Kilermekov started playing Amtgard in 2013 at the Bridge Wars event. Kiler came with his girlfiend, Kai, who had played Amtgard back in the day, but was mostly a Dag player now. Kilermekov was picked up by the Temple of the Vanguard at Bridge Wars 2013 after providing many tasty meals and then threatening to take them away!

Kilermekov is well known for his cooking, as well as his fighting with a pole-arm. Kiler was instrumental in the high-jacking of many relics during the night quest at the Bridge Wars.

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