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The Kingdom of the Wetlands

Map of the Wetlands

South Eastern Texas and West Lousiana



The Wetlands was founded in 1996 by members of the Mordengaard, Granite Spyre, and Stormwall parks, who included Sir Fnord Farthing, Sir Vaargard, Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf, Sir Lucas Wyngarde, Dame Fionnghal Nic Phaidin, Sir Topknot, and several others.

Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf was the first King of the Wetlands. For other members of the Monarchy and list of the courts of the Wetlands check out the WL Monarchy page.

The Siren

Current Monarchy

Reign LIV

Schedule of Events: Reign 50

Wetlands Events

Relic Quest - 13 MAR Weapon Master - 8-9 MAY

Crown Quals - 14 MAY

Summer Coronation - 11-13 JUN

Midreign - March 12-14

Winter Coronation - TBD


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