Knight's Rest

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Knights Rest Crest1.jpg
Knight's Rest
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Status Barony
City Fenton, Missouri
Park Fenton City Park
Meets on Sundays 1PM
Founded 2014
Active Yes

A Shire under the Kingdom of Tal Dagore in Springfield, Missouri.


Dissatisfied with the amount of joy they were having at their home parks several players decided to restore the contract of Dragon Moon Keep, changing the name and location.

The 6 members felt that a new location would not only help revive the game for themselves, but allow them to reach new players and grow the game as a whole.


Baron - Mynok
Regent - Puck Yo
Prime Minister - Pyria
Champion - Shoeless

The People of Knight's Rest

Members without Player Profiles

Fighting Companies and Households

Contacts and Directions

Fenton City Park: 1215 Larkin Williams Rd, Fenton, MO 63026

Near baseball field 8 - 10 mins by Gravois Bluffs Shopping complex

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