Krassus Greenleaf Auditore

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Lord Squire Krassus Greenleaf Auditore, of Evermore Hollow, Golden Plains

Krassus' Personal Heraldry
Krassus' Company Heraldry
Home Park Evermore Hollow
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2014
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire

”Work Hard in Silence, Let success be Your Noise”

"Fall down 7 times, stand up 8"

"Stay low go fast, Kill first Die last, One shot one kill, No Luck all skill"

My personal heraldry is a combination of the Japanese symbol for wisdom and an ouroboros symbolizing continuous/never ending.




I am an Elf born of the Greenleaf bloodline, as a young boy I disobeyed my fathers orders and followed him into battle, in the midst of battle I was spotted on the sidelines by the orc leader who recognized that I was the son of Legolas and proceeded to chase me down. As I was able to outrun him I was met with the realization of being lost and I was left wondering an area where I had never been before until i was found by a human in a hooded cloak who took me in and taught me the ways of the assassin. Met with ridicule for being different because of my elf features I clipped my ears in an attempt to fit in with my new human "family". Throughout my training with legendary assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze I was adopted and put through rigorous tests to prove my worth to his family. Upon completion of rigorous tests I was brought into my new family of assassins. Shortly after my training with the assassins had been completed I wondered upon a baby girl left in the forest to die, upon further inspection I saw that she was born of elvish blood but also of human blood. This child interested me and I brought her along with me as to prolong her life and Named her Amardis Saelneth. A few more years had passed and I ran into someone who looked slightly familiar, but I had never seen him before. I look closer and notice he is similar looking to myself, I think to myself that there is no way that this is my lost brother, its impossible my father told me that he was captured and killed. Upon confronting this stranger the truth comes to the surface, He is my thought to be dead brother Bardock Thundersnow. I was angry that my father kept this from me all these years and brought it to his attention, the argument was made that he had to make it seem like my brother was dead because he was not my full brother, this information angered me even more and I told my father until he could accept that he had two sons that I was leaving. Upon learning more about Bardock and his training I grew concerned that he had less combat training as he was older than I. Throughout my journey I had ran into a peculiar Knight by the name of Sir Sir Monkey who saw potintial within me and decided to take me in as his Squire to teach me the ways of combat, and with meeting Bardock and seeing the potential within him I decided to offer him the same chance that I had been given, I offered Bardock to be my Man-at-Arms to train with me as I train with Sir Monkey. Bardock and Myself have been on many adventures, and each of us have been trained by many figures, with the knowledge we have acquired we started a league of our own Ordine Elfassins and that is where our story begins. Througout our training with Sir Monkey we seemed to stumble upon a very peculiar Druid who had but a single name, Lokon, being a Druid we did not expect much physical combat experience but were impressed with what we saw from this man in one on one duels, Bardock and myself decided to put an offer on the table to this dark Druid to become an initiate in our newly started company and to train underneath both Bardock and myself as our pupil. Lokon accepted this offer and has progressed very quickly with learning how to handle himself in combat both physically and spiritually with magic. Upon further progression with his fighting skill Sir Monkey gave me permission to take him in as my Page to train him more and to give him the ability to train explicitly underneath Monkey. As the years have passed Lokon has progressed to my Man-At-Arms. This is where we are and how far we have come.

I fight for no one side and defend those closest to me. I serve no one, I am Squire Krassus Greenleaf Auditore

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Monkey - (Serpent/Sword)

~~People that just want to be apart of the family~~


Notable Accomplishments

Became Baron within one year of starting the game.

Second Place Archery Tournament Clan of 2015

Baron of Evermore Hollow April of 2015

Regent of Evermore Hollow October of 2015

Baron of Evermore Hollow March of 2016

Named a Lord September 25th of 2016

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