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Krussk Blackwolf DaPpendix


Home Park Shadowcrest
Kingdom Neverwinter
Year Started 2016
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire

Lord Squire Krussk Blackwolf DaPpendix Kneeslasher, of Shadowcrest, Neverwinter


Krussk was born from a different land, a different time. Cursed to wander realms in need of assistance, he found himself in Shadowcrest for many a year. However, at the behest of Riddle de Rat, he and a select few were sent to a evil section of Amtgardia. The Veil between the Mundanis and Amtgardia worlds was drawing closer to breaking. The chosen, dubbed Defenders of the Veil, now reside in the area, protecting and guarding the residents and denizens. Krussk, with his Healing prowess; Appolyon, and her skill set of wonders; Garrion, and his wonderful knowledge of beasts and monsters; and Polly, who cheers them on as she chronicles their exploits.

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