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Woman-at-Arms Kyria de’Ebonydaryth, of Land's End, Rivermoor

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Kyria doesn't speak much of her early life, but based on her equipment she travelled a great deal and rarely stayed in on place very long as her items seem to spread across cultural boundaries. If one watches her closely it can be seen that she has suffered a great deal of misery that she has never fully recovered from but does her level best to make certain that her present is better than her past.

It is known that she is a warrior and had trained as such prior to an illness or injury that forced her to be sedentary for a time and unable to fight effectively. Much to everyone's surprise, most especially her own, Kyria found that she had some skill at the Wizardly Arts. While she is a warrior by preference, she will not hesitate to hurl her magic in combat if that is where she is needed most.

Shortly after settling in Land's End with husband Ursan Winterbarren and son Bugus the Dinolord; Kyria founded Clan Dawn Chaser, a fighting company dedicated to bringing light into the darkest of places and service to the fort that took her in, the Shire of Land's End as well as the greater Kingdoms and Empire it belongs to.

Affiliated Groups

Clan Dawn Chaser

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


Chancellor of Land's End (Protem): 7/2012-10/2012