La Cosa Nostra

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La Cosa Nostra is a household that is only open to members of either of two belted lines. One beginning with Sir Cabal of the Emerald Hills and the other beginning with Dame Lyra of the Golden Plains. We count among our family Many Knights and Squires who are well known throughout much of Amtgard.

There are currently two of the ten Four Belted Knights in Amtgard in our family, as well as Boots, the first female Sword Knight in the game. We count Sixteen (16) knights among our members, many of them with multiple belts, in all areas of achievement.

Many of the Members of these belted lines are also members of the Nighthawk Fighting Company

Membership in this household is by default, and anyone who is a part of this line is considered a part of said household.

Family One:

Family Two:

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