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Squire Lady Death The Enduring, Shadow-Dancer, Daughter of The Nine Blades.



Lady Death

Fire Fur


Liz Ellerou

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


Noble Titles

  • The Noble Title of Lady was bestowed upon her by King Syr Diem Solis of the Kingdom of The Nine Blades on the 30th of October 2021.

Non-Noble Titles

  • The non-Noble Title of "The Shadow Dancer" was decreed upon her by Sheriff Bonnie the Broken Wench at the Shire of Silva Urbem, in The Kingdom of Goldenvale on the 10th of January 2015.
  • The non-Noble Title of "Daughter of The Nine Blades" was decreed upon her by Matriarch Sir Promethea of the Principality of The Northern Empire on the 5th of February 2017.
  • The non-Noble Title of "The Enduring" was decreed upon her by Prince Varen of the Principality of The Nine Blades on the 14th of May 2020.

Persona Biographies

Liz Ellerou

Liz Ellerou, the Shadow Dancer, is a 15-year-old human girl commonly known as Liz. She appears to be 13 with brown hair, green eyes, average weight and is around 4'5"

Liz Ellerou arrived in the lands of amtgardia, where she was found as a newborn by Bonnie the Broken Wench, who became her only family as her adoptive mother. Bonnie raised Liz in the Dutchy of Wolven Fang. Liz lives in an inn and works as a scullery maid in The Salty Wench Tavern, formerly owned by Captain William Red.

Liz Ellerou Believes that when you die, you go to the void until the two phoenixes decide you may go back. Liz considers monsters equal so long as they aren't savage and follow the law. Liz ellerou tries to respect and follow the law but will break it if she believes it's necessary. Liz enjoys bounties, taking ones for monsters and has killed a few monsters during these bounties.

Liz Ellerou respects most of the citizens of Wolven Fang and those she met when she travelled in search of Bonnie after she disappeared but found her in Sivla Urbem.

Fire Fur

a cat person assassin that was last seen prowling around in Black Snow Bay.

Lady Death

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