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LadyDeath, The Shadow-Dancer




The daughter of Bonnie Ellerou, LadyDeath (formerly Liz Ellerou) was the scullery maid in The Salty Wench Tavern in Wolvenfang that was owned by Captain William Red Fu Bard, she was a farmer in Silva Urbem.

Her alternate persona, Fire Fur, is a cat person assassin that was last seen prowling around in Black Snow Bay.

She is an accomplished Assassin, and a Healer-in-Training.

Belted Family

Count Iron_Fist

Notable Accomplishments

  • Non-Noble Title of "The Shadow Dancer" granted on 2015-01-10 by Bonnie Ellerou at the Shire of Silva Urbem, in The Kingdom of Goldenvale
  • Non-Noble Title of "Daughter of The Nine Blades granted on 2017-02-04 by Sir Promethea at the Duchy of Wolvenfang, in the Principality of the Nine Blades.

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