Legacy (company)

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A Black Spire and Northern Lights based fighting company


Colors are Hunter Green and Yellow


Uriel, Darrian, Shyden, and Gameface


Legacy was first conceived of by Shyden and Uriel in late 2008. Ovate was then brought on due to his shared interest in starting a company.

Legacy officially formed in January of 2009. The initial brotherhood was Shyden, Uriel, and Ovate.

The first fielding of the company as a unit was at Black Spire relic quest in March of 2009.

Major Accomplishments

Rosewood VIII Jugging - Champions

Pacific War XI Jugging - 2nd Place

Rosewood IX Jugging - Champions

Rosewood X Jugging - 3rd Place

Pacific War XIII Jugging - 2nd place

Pacific War XIII 3man Team - Champions (Gameface, Smokin' Jack, Uriel)


Active Brotherhood


Reserve Brotherhood (Inactive)

Retired Brotherhood

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