Leo Panthera

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Leo Panthera, of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge, Principality of Westmarch under Dragonspine

Leo Panthera
Home Park Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 2010
Noble Title none
Belt Status none

  • "I like lions, what else can I say?" - Leo Panthera
  • "You better get in that car!" - Leo Panthera


A lone leonine warrior, Leo Panthera found himself coming across an uneasy decision one day at American River College. "Go to class or have some fun?" were the words that echoed through his mind. The first day he met Lady Tamara and Suraya who showed him the basics of Amtgard, but it wasn't until the next day, April 20, 2010, that he took a stab at it for sure. Ever since then he has been an active member, recruiting others such as Thressa, Lukas Banvard, Awkward Turtle, and Rial. Leo is an archer, currently, but soon plans to take a slight step back from the fighting to become an active crafter in the different fields of garbing, leather-working, and weapon-making.

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None as of yet.

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