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Baronet Loyal J Oakheart, of Northern Holdfast, Iron Mountains

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Loyal, at baronial coronation in Silverwater wearing a short-lived crown


Started in Silverwater when it was a remote outpost of the Burning Lands, starting around 1993. He was instrumental in getting the park restarted in 1995 (after it died out), recruiting people on his Computer Bulletin Board system (the kind you dial in with a modem), "The Diving Board" which was primarily focused on Scuba Diving, but was also part of a BBS network called "Darknet" (no relation to the term as it is used today on the internet), and he recruited a number of people from there, and scheduled the first gatherings on there. He was one of the top early fighters in the group, serving several terms as Champion, then terms as Sheriff, Baron and finally Duke as the group grew in size. While Duke, he led two successful raids of Falling Fire.

While attending an event in Emerald Coast, he met Naesis and decided to follow her back to the Iron Mountains, where he worked as a blacksmith for a time. At one point he became the Ducal Regent of Northern Holdfast. At some point after this he decided to move to Scotland, where as far as we know he remains to this day.

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Notable Accomplishments

Apparently once denied Killraven his 21st win for Warlord. In an open category. With a flail.

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