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Lupine Moon, Duchy

A Duchy of the Kingdom of Northreach, located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Map of Lupine Moon
People of Lupine Moon


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Located in Anchorage, Alaska established September 2010. The Shire of Lupine Moon was built out of the ashes of Glacier Keep. The adventurers that sought to reclaim the ruins of Glacier Keep found a pack of friendly lycanthropes, leading to the naming of the shire. Sheriff Pyro and Mara the Lost, along with their companions, led the task of clearing the region in order to find their lost ruins. Instead of a promised land, they instead found a gathering of barbarian tribes led by a powerful warlord named Bruken. A bloody war broke out between both factions spanning nearly nine months. At the end of the conflict, Bruken was petrified by an ancient spell and his statue is now in the center of Lupine Moon as a memorial to the lives lost.


Once Pyro's reign had ended, many monarchs took up their oaths to protect the realm. Although the barbarian tribes were quelled, it did not mean the end of the threats to Lupine Moon. Many travelers flocked to the promise of safety within the newly built walls. Questing heroes ventured forth to battle the nearby orcs and goblins that resided in the northern peaks and peasants settled farms to create a steady economy for the rising shire. Before long, nobles began to build their mansions around the fertile region.

Demonic Invasion

Dark omens began It started out as a typical raid from the greenskin threat. Adventures traveled out to combat the threat and loot the hordes of wealth that the monstrous adversaries typically left in their camps. Before the monarchy could catch the signs of a greater foe, a dark shadow began to cast it's shadow over the realm. The mighty demon lord, Bar'gual, had recruited the nearby monsters to besiege Lupine Moon in a swift assault. Due to the bravery of the local Scouting Guild, the soldiers of the realm were able to do battle with Bar'gual's main force in the dense Dire Forest. What resulted was a very bloody conflict, claiming many lives. The mighty Healers Guild kept the defenders fighting for nearly three days as both forces clashed. Finally, the bravest of heroes were able to banish the demon lord back to the abyss. The monarchy set to work immediately restoring wards to the land to ensure no further incursions from the lower planes would occur. The farmlands that were destroyed slowly rebuilt and the realm returned to it's quiet peace.

Founding of Northreach

The lands of the north that surrounded Lupine Moon had sworn their fealty to the the kingdom of Dragonspine. When the nobles of the region began to speak of forming a principality, Lupine Moon dedicated many resources into it's birth. After many long months deliberating, Dragonspine had decided to give their northern providence the title of the Principality of Northreach. Gorin was given the title of Prince, uniting the realms that now made up the crownland for the first time in history. Before long, the principality became a fully fledged kingdom. Lupine Moon held many of the kings and queens within it's walls, bringing great prosperity to the realms of the north.

Elemental Apocalypse

During the reign of Queen Mara the Lost, the wildlife around Lupine Moon had grown sickly. Fearing another resurgence of evil forces, House Stonefist was sent to investigate. Traversing the Greenwood in hopes of finding answers, Abram Stonefist and his kin wandered upon a mine that was protected by a powerful wizard and his retinue. As the situation escalated, House Stonefist defeated the foes and found a strange powder that was created from a metal that empowered lightning magic. The disturbance has created a flux of power that disturbed the elemental forces of Northreach. The lands of Lupine Moon did not know what to expect from such an event. Life went about as usual, though whispers began to spread about heavy rainfalls down toward the town of Mythgulch near the pit of Bar'gual.

What came next can only be described as a catastrophe. The diviners and druids of the region saw a great danger approaching from the south. As they warned Lupine Moon's defenders, a roaring wave of elemental water surged through the heart of the Duchy. Though the mighty heroes that watched over the land stood against the tide, the waves seemed endless. The water elementals that ushered the destruction fought with reckless abandon. When the tide was finally stopped, much of the central land of Lupine Moon was devastated. The town of Deerstar and the surrounding agricultural areas were nothing more than drowned ruins in the aftermath. As Abram Stonefist's reign as Duke ended soon after, the incoming Duchess Boot Of The Wilds prepared to rally her forces to take back the area now known as the Tidescar Rift.


Mara the Lost
Boot Of The Wilds
Abram Stonefist
Kraken Stormbringer
Cruvin Swordsoul
Korin Kildaire
Lansin Runeheart
Jace Silverstone
Kaeruen Morningstar
Lochlann Lonain
Karina Russo
Rowan O'Hara
Stefan Stonefist
Mr. Pockets


Other Positions

Herald: Dimitri
Guild Master of Archers: Kaeruen
Guild Master of Assassins: Karina Russo
Guild Master of Druid: Vaellyn
Guild Masters of Monks: Richter
Guild Master of Scouts: Korin
Guild Masters of Wizards: Richter

Contacts and Directions

Lupine Moon is an Anchorage based Amtgard group. Our games are held on Saturdays at the following:
Salvation Army Gym
1701 C St
Anchorage, AK

Russian Jack Springs Park
8th and Pine
Anchorage, AK

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