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Lyrah Liiraea Lionheart
Current Park Crimson Circle
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2016
Belt Status Page to Squire Daggrak

Countess Page Lyrah Liiraea Lionheart of Crimson Circle, in the Kingdom of Polaris


-Work in Progress-

Backstory (RP)

From the beginning, Lyrah knew she was never going to live a normal life.

Born to an elf (her mother) and a half elf (her father), Lyrah Liiraea Lionheart was never quite like the other children in the small town of Ilios, where she was raised. Different from the start, the mostly elven girl was born with strawberry hair and teal eyes, rare even among the elven population. This marked her as special. She was someone to watch., especially with the decay of the town she lived in. A tyrannical leader ran the city, and still does. Lyrah just might be the savior this town needs to survive.

A medium-sized girl, Lyrah can be often seen wearing flowing clothing, as she doesn’t like her movements restricted in case she’s needed in a fight. She prefers to wear lavender, red, gold, and black, but sometimes you’ll see her in other colors, even a corset, if she feels the whim.. She usually keeps her hair up and out of the way, since hair in your face isn’t really conducive to fighting. It just gets in the way. Talk about annoying.

As a child, Lyrah was bullied a lot, for multiple reasons. For one, she wasn't a full blooded elf or a full blooded human, so neither race liked her much. This got her into fights. And boy, was she good at winning, even against the local boys who were bigger than she was. She came home many days, to the chagrin of her parents, with black eyes or a bloody nose, scrapes, and torn clothing. Eventually they learned to dress her in looser clothing so she wouldn’t ruin her “nice” clothes.

As talked about above, Lyrah had a bit of a knack for getting into fights and winning against those who weren’t trained, so her parents decided that if she was going to get into fights anyway, she might as well go to school for it. Hence, her training began, once she was of age. She started out learning warrior techniques. She quickly found out how hard it was to fight in a schooled technique with a weapon, but she persisted, and still persists to this day. She slowly gets better, day by day, the more she fights. It helps her immensely to have skilled people around her who help teach her footwork and techniques to make her a better fighter with a sword and shield, which is her favorite way of fighting.

As the days went on and Lyrah continued training, she noticed something peculiar happening as she got cut and bruised and jabbed. Her body was healing itself at a rate faster than anyone else she was training with. It was suggested to her that she might have magic flowing through her veins, which isn’t out of the ordinary for an elf, but exciting all the same! Under the guidance of a skilled healer, she tried to channel her power and use it to heal some of her peers, and lo and behold, it worked! Happy to try something new, Lyrah threw herself into the healing class, learning everything she could about the different spells she could harness and how she could use them. From stunning opponents to bringing teammates back from the dead, Lyrah reveled in her newfound power. Some would say she craved it. To this day she continues to hone her skills and learn new abilities.

Recently Lyrah found that when she makes noise while fighting, strange things happen. It’s a good strange, but she was not prepared for the first time she screamed and found she was immune to a spell someone hurled at her. She was prepared to be thrown backward, but instead, she just… stayed still, poised and ready to fight. This is her new goal, along with honing her healing and fighting abilities.

Lyrah has a lot of goals. It keeps her busy, and helps her get away from the thought of her hometown, and the thought of tyrannical power raining down upon her people, being forced to give money they don’t have, perform work they’re not prepared to do (even the children and the elderly), and share what meager supplies they have with each other. Lyrah sends what money she can to her parents, but she knows it’s not enough. Her ultimate goal is to become powerful enough to overthrow the jerk in charge and bring about change to the town of Ilios, and start a time of peace and prosperity throughout the land.

Since her warrior training is mostly complete, Lyrah now travels with a group of nomads that know more about magic than the average city-dweller. While travelling, she is learning more and more about healing and singing to produce magic, which she is quite proficient at. She wears the marks of war on her face, and she is prepared to defend her tribe at any moment. She always carries at least a sword on her person. This isn’t exactly the life that her parents wanted or expected for her, but if it helps her accomplish her lofty goal of saving her town, then they will let her do what makes her happy. Plus, the added money she collects and sends to them helps the family and also helps bolster the economy in the town.

At heart Lyrah is a fighter in all aspects of what she does. Even when she’s put on healing duty, she’s fighting- fighting death. She’s fighting enemies. She’s fighting war, famine, plague. She’s fighting the good fight, and it’s her tenacity that has gotten her to where she is. She will use this tenacity to continue to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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