M.A.M.E. 2016

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The Minnesota Amtgard May Event

The Minnesota Amtgard May Event, or M.A.M.E., was an event held May 27nd-29th 2016 at McGowan Farm, Mankato, MN. The event is the fifth in a series of events which started with G.A.M.E. in 2010 and continued with The Sequel in 2012 before it's current incarnation as the Minnesota Amtgard May Event.

The event drew 160 people, 158 alone from Polaris. The event favours were red mugs.

Warocrat:Miago and Lily Sunshine


In the order they are occurred.

Friday, the 27nd

Friday evening included:


Some preparation for the following day, although for most this just meant setting up camp.

Fabric dyeing class

Hosted by Nyrene.

Flame Knight Grill

The menu consisted of Beer Cheese soup, Beer Bread, Bratwurst, hot links, cheddarwurst, and frankfurters cooked and and served by Lumpy and Miago with bit of help from a few others.

Party at Archon camp

In celebration of Raphael's twentieth year of knighthood, festivities were held at Archon camp.

Evening game: Zombie battle

Saturday the 28th



The fifth annual Starmount cinder block invitational

Since it was first held at G.A.M.E. in 2010, the Starmount cinder block invitational has been the competition of choice to start the morning. This year Miago took home the glory of being the champion cinderbock chucke.

A&S Competition

The Regent of Polaris hosted a A&S competition following the wrestling theme of the reign in the flood to win format. Lady Luck won by a landslide and Raphael took best in show.

Obama Care battle


Consisted of Pho. It was really good.

Hardcore Tournament


Full Class Boat Battles


Was Pork chops, potatos, green beans, and bread. Desert was popcorn and cotton candy, which was poisoned by flurbs.


Served as Midreign court for Polaris.


A bardic was held.

Sunday the 29th


The people of Polaris and their distinguished guests made the site spotless, packed their things and went their separate ways.



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