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(L-R): Toast; Corvo; Teflon; Metro; Sir Loric; Anathos; Haraldr. Bottom row: Walberan
Kingdom of Winter's Edge Mayan Mayhem, 11-4-2017.




Their colors are: Charcoal gray, Pumpkin orange, black, and white.


The Maelstrom are a fighting company based in the Kingdom of Winter's Edge.

Membership in the Maelstrom consist of full members and Swirlies (pledges). Unanimous vote by all Maelstrom is required to make a new Maelstrom. All Maelstrom are equal. There are no "Captains," or any such other leadership distinctions. All members are responsible for the leadership, successes, and pitfalls of the company.

Swirlies are required to complete several steps along the way to full membership. These steps culminate in crafting a golden plunger and embarking on a quest to get one of the members of the Chosen to sign it, the signer may have further tasks for the swirly or may demand a trial by shots. When the plunger is signed then the swirly will construct a ridiculous Orkball weapon and take his place as a full member.



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