Maggie Halvorsdottir

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Baroness Maggie Halvorsdottir, of the Shire of Five Oaks under the Rising Winds.

Formerly Maggie O'Conner. Maggie was gifted the last name Halvorsdottir by Maera, recognizing Maggie as her daughter.


Maggie started in Querna Tema in the Principality of Rosetta Pact under the Iron Mountains back in June 2005. She then moved to Phoenix Tears in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds and then went on to help start Cursed Prairie. She moved back to Querna Tema for several years before taking a break from Amtgard entirely in 2013. Returning in 2018, she now resides at Five Oaks back in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

Affiliated Groups

Warder Wenches (Pink Wench)

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Bard - Given by Sir King Owl Bonesteel (RW), November 2006
  • Court Bard of the Rising Winds
    • June 2006 - September 2006
    • September 2006 - March 2007
    • March 2007 - September 2007.
  • Chancellor of Cursed Prairie, October 2006-October 2007
  • Duke of Querna Tema, December 2011-May 2012
  • Baroness title given by Duke Darkhart of Querna Tema in June of 2012.

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