Malek Graywulf

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Man at Arms Malek Graywulf of Skywatch, Golden Plains

Malek's Company Heraldry
Home Park Skywatch
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2013


~ Malek at Nine Willows ~


Malek is the third son of the Graywulf clan. In ancient times the Graywulf clan were custodians of spiritual knowledge and rites. Many years after a great war the clan's knowledge of the spiritual world became lost. Yet still sought after by those who would use their gifts against the land, thus perverting an ancient pact made by the clan's founders. Thus the secrets were hidden. Until a demon laid waste to Malek's family attempting to claim him and the power of his clan which had reawakened within him. The spirits nearby called to him, leading him to safety. Many years later Malek re-forged the pact between the spirits and his clan. Though being the last of the Graywulf clan, the re-forging of the pact left Malek's body greatly damaged. Portions of his legs, arms, and even most of his face has rotted away; leaving only bone and a cold blue glow. Only the pact, his will, and thirst for vengeance keep his body moving.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Malek is Squire to Sir Rothgar Blackskull, Knight of the Flame

Notable Accomplishments

  • Skywatch DragonMaster Spring 2014
  • Skywatch Guildmaster of Reeves
  • Skywatch Regent
  • Skywatch Monarch
  • Skywatch Champion
  • Granted the honorific of "Morticus Medicum the Death Healer" by Lady Opaldragon, June 2016

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~ Malek's personal heraldry ~

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More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website