Mararee MacCoill

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Man at Arms, Lady Mararee MacCoill Hünüwhogod, of Faila Ranae in the Principality of Winter's Edge, Kingdom of Neverwinter

”Look at my spoon!”


Started in the fall of 2010, at Faila Ranae, Principality of Winter's Edge with husband Deryk MacCoill. Found a niche as the group photographer and "field mom", likes to be known as a wench or gypsy not a blanket bunny. Moved to North River in 2012. Received (astoundingly) her Man at Arms belt from Sir Venus at Neverwinter's 2013 summer coronation and there was much squeeing as Deryk was also included in a related belt line. 2014 has marked the return of the MacCoills to Faila Ranae.


Husband - Deryk MacCoill


Affiliated Groups

Green Lantern Corps -- full lantern as of 2013 -- Service household

Hünüwhogod Belted Family

Sir Venus - Crown and Serpent Knight

  • Squires - Lexi, Cookie, Kelevera 7shires
  • "Men" at Arms - Pumpkin Jack, Zahrya, [[[Mararee MacCoill]], Lineth