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Page Mardigan AKA Mr. T (Taylor), Duchy of the Desert Rose, Desert Winds

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Mardigan is the son of Rico Boner and Elsa Von Liechtenstein. He has been a mascot and loved member of the Desert Rose since he was the age of two. He enjoys the game as much as the "big kids" who play it and is beginning to learn his way around the battlefield. He enters into every A&S competition within the Desert Rose and as such has earned a couple of awards because of it. He reached his goal of earning a Hydra at a Ducal lever Crown Qual November 2009 at the age of 8. Up next is sewing his own bell tunic.

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Notable Accomplishments

  • Mardigan is the "Kick Butt Helper" at any event he goes to, constantly picking up garbage and gophering for anybody who asks please.
  • Qualled for Ducal Crown, November 2009, age 8

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