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Mauriac/Paco, of Port of Winter's Night, Rising Winds


Mauriac (now known more widely as Paco) started playing Amtgard in 1999 in Valparaiso, IN at the shire of Crusader's Cove, now known as the Port of Winter's Night. Paco was originally added as a secondary persona, which eventually overshadowed Mauriac's presence due to the ridiculous and much more memorable fact that Paco is a talking Kung fu penguin who hates the squirrels and believes they are trying to take over the world.

Mauriac/Paco is well known for being an able wizard and pole-arm fighter, and has been involved with every night quest at Keep on the Borderlands except for Keep II, eventually co-cratting NQ at Keep X.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Wizard
  • Lord
  • Baronet

Belted Family

Man-at-arms Ralof
Page Milla

Affiliated Groups

Temple of the Vanguard - Sentinel of the Light
Team Blue Shell
House of M Hominum

More Information

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