Merlot Lovell

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Baroness Squire Merlot Lovell, of Elysium Valley

”There's this word, I remember it. It begins with a P -- Baby help me out here! Oh yeah. That's what it was. Practice.”


Merlot began her Amtgard career in 2011 in the (now defunct) Duchy of Angel's Haven within the Kingdom of Burning Lands. Since then she has joined the Kingdom of Northern Lights and resides in Shrouding Mist. She has had a passion for the game since the first time she played, and strives to do great things for her current Kingdom and Amtgard as a whole. She aspires to do great things within the Arts and Sciences as well as Service to the club.

Affiliated Groups

Angeli Nocturna
The League of Extrodinary Fluffy Men
Church of the Apocalypse
Eclipse Fighting Company

Belted Family

Previously Man-at-Arms to Sir Drake Bloodblade and then to Sir Cyric

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Pro-Tem GMR of Inland Ocean -- 2 terms
GMR of Inland Ocean
Regent of Inland Ocean
Prime Minister of Inland Ocean
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Northern Lights -- 2 terms
Kitchen Mistress for Rosewood Sheriff of Elysium Valley


Lady - Given by King Sir Gabrial Soulstealer of Northern Lights, July 2013
Baroness - Given by King Sir Hawk of Northern Lights, July 2015

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